Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

Fr ScottThe heart of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is the celebration of our Eucharistic liturgy which fires the life of the parish. May this web site be a reference of the parish and of the Lourdes community. You are invited to join us in worship and to join with the people of the parish to make a difference not only within our community but in the world. Everything we do flows from the celebration of our faith!

In Christ
Fr. Scott Wimsett



Director of Worship Gregory DuPont 896-0241
Our Lady of Lourdes is a vibrant worshipping community with many opportunities to share Time, Talent and Treasure. Listed here are many of those areas. We are always happy to talk with you about finding your place with us!

Altar Servers Reverent, conscientious adults, teens and pre-teens to prepare for and assist at Liturgies. Duties include custody and presentation of Book for the priest, preparation of the altar, assistance in receiving the Eucharistic gifts, and preparing the sanctuary environment for the next gathering. Time requirements: advanced training, plus approximately 40 minutes on assigned dates (20 minutes before and after Mass).
Contact Mary Beth Raque 238-4497

Art and Environment This committee is responsible for the decorating of the church. Duties include the planning and coordinating of decorations (i.e., banners, candles, vestments, plants, flowers, etc.) for the current cycle of the liturgical year. Time required: varies based on the season.
Contact Jane Sibler 897-7533

Choral Groups, Musicians and Cantors
Gregory DuPont 896-0241

Adult Choir rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm. This is a wonderful stewardship opportunity for those experienced in choral singing or those interested in learning. There is a spirit of camaraderie in the choir with all members united through music, the ministry, and service to the parish and to God. If you love to sing…join the choir! High school age and up.

Resurrection Choir This is a special choir that ministers only at funerals and memorial masses. This is a nice opportunity for retired persons or a stay-at-home parent to share their choral ministry in a special way as funerals are typically at 10am or noon. The choir is notified as quickly as possible when a funeral is scheduled. Participation is based on your availability. All Are Welcome!

Cantors The ministry of the cantors has been revived as a result of Vatican II with the emphasis on increased participation of the assembly in the singing and prayer of the liturgy. Additionally, the responsorial psalms, written to be sung, have reached greater prominence in the Liturgy of the Word. Cantors are charged with the responsibility of proclaiming the psalms and gospel acclamation as well as leading and encouraging the assembly to participate more fully in the liturgical celebration. Cantors are encouraged to meet for a short rehearsal at 6pm on Wednesday and be at church 45 minutes before their scheduled mass.

Instrumentalists can share their talents through Music Ministry. Opportunities exist for instrumental music at weekend liturgies on a regular basis and other liturgies (Christmas and Easter) where special music is required. If you play an instrument, call Gregory to discuss. A contemporary ensemble is being planned.

Church Garment Laundering Persons who are willing to check priest vestments and server albs and launder as needed.
Contact Mary Lusardi 491-2152 or Sarah Smith 893-5429

Church Linens Persons who are willing to launder altar cloths and purificators on a rotating basis, usually about once a month.
Contact Mary Ann LaFollette 893-9655

Cross Bearer Persons to carry the processional cross at the entrance and recessional processions for weekend Liturgies. Time: On a rotating basis according to number of people involved.
Contact Dwayne Campbell 494-5618

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion These ministers distribute the Body and Blood of Christ during Mass, and by taking the Eucharist to the ill and homebound. The Archdiocese has mandatory formation classes that each minister must attend to receive their mandate from the Archbishop, with additional training provided by the parish. Contact Joni Richter 896-0241

Gift Bearers Often a family ministry, gift bearers assist in the liturgy by presenting the gifts before the altar. Contact Maryhill Mundt 891-2643

God’s Housekeepers Individuals who are willing to help with some cleaning in the sanctuary and cry room of the church; vacuuming and spot cleaning pew cushions, dusting, and the cleaning of brass items within the church. This ministry is done on a rotating basis and each person would only need to work one day per month. This could be the perfect ministry for a school parent or a retired individual since the work could be completed during the day.
Contact Katie Downey 558-3491

Hospitality Ministers Outgoing persons who greet those arriving to worship, to make everyone feel welcome as we gather for Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations. Duties include greeting people, caring for individual needs, seating people, collection of the offerings, distribution of the parish bulletins and straightening of the pews after mass. Time required: approximately 40 minutes on assigned week (20 minutes before and after Mass). Training provided.
Contact Kevin Nagel 494-2976

Lectors Adults and youth can proclaim the word of God! Training is required as is some rehearsal to learn the timing of approaching the ambo and to acquire vocal and enunciation skills required to proclaim with reverence. To ensure the best preparation, workbooks and training are provided.
Contact Linda Carter 459-3523

Sacristan (Mass Coordinator) This position requires a calm determination and attention to detail. Along with preparing the bread and wine, vessels and elements needed for mass, the sacristan also ensures that all liturgical ministers who have been scheduled for mass are in attendance. (Check in lectors, greeters, servers, cross bearers, candle bearers, gift bearers and assist with gathering and offertory processionals.) An important aspect of this position is finding replacements from the gathered assembly to fill spots when required.
Contact Gregory DuPont 896-0241

Super Greeters Extending a warm handshake, offering a bright smile, a cheerful greeting and warm hospitality is the first act of ministry at worship! It requires outgoing, friendly persons to help people feel welcome as we gather for Eucharist and other liturgical celebrations. Duties include greeting people and handing out programs as necessary. Arrive 20 minutes before liturgy.
Contact Walt McKeever 458-1919

The Worship Committee is instrumental in the planning of community prayer, the celebration of the sacraments and weekend liturgies. Membership is made up of the Ministry Leaders in areas of worship. If you would like to be involved in the ministry of planning, preparing and executing worship at Our Lady of Lourdes, please contact: Gregory DuPont 896-0241

Funerals at Our Lady of Lourdes Joni Richter, Pastoral Care, or Gregory DuPont meet with bereaved families to plan the funeral liturgy of their loved one. Planning includes all aspects of the liturgy such as music, readings and helping to choose those family members who might be trained in certain areas of ministry to participate in the liturgy. Our goal is to personalize the liturgy as much as possible within the Order of Christian Funerals. Areas for ministry include musicians, lectors, gift bearers and providing food items for meals.