A Steward’s Guide

Stewards believe that everything we have comes from God.  Faithful stewards give back to God out of gratitude.  Stewards know, love, and serve God by loving and serving their neighbors.  Stewardship is a faith conversion that, when nurtured, continues to grow and flourish.

A registered and active steward of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish:

• Attends Mass regularly

• Supports the mission of the parish

• Completes an annual Stewardship Intention Card and faithfully fulfills their commitments.

A registered and active steward of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish commits to:

• Developing their faith, living their baptismal call, and celebrating Mass regularly.

• By living their baptismal call, they share their talents within the community, making a prayerful decision to choose ministries that enrich both themselves and their community.

•Using the Biblical tithe as a guide, which is 10% of gross income; treasure commitments reflect proportional and sacrificial support for all parish ministries and other charitable works.

Our Lady of Lourdes is a Parish of Stewards

Ministry Opportunities

2017 Intention Card

Authorization of Stock Transfer Form