Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church

The Parish Life structure consists of a variety of groups and organizations that provide social, athletic, wellness, environmental, clerical, creative and care opportunities for parishioners of all ages.


Parish LIfe

Baking/Cooking – Anyone interested in providing baked goods or simple dishes for parish functions. Contact: Joni Richter 896-0241

Blood Pressure Screening – Licensed Health Care professionals to provide screenings after Masses on the first weekend of the month. Other individuals to assist with organization and recruiting individuals to be screened. Time required: Usually twice a year and possible attendance at a short workshop. Contact: Kathy Monroe 897-0571

Child Care (during 11:30 a.m. Mass) – Parents take turns providing this service. This cooperative endeavor provides a place for children who can walk, up to age 4. If volunteers sign up then 9:30 am could be provided. Contact: Parish Office 896-0241

Child Care (during meetings and RCIA on Wednesday nights) – Anyone interested in offering child care for children of people attending meetings, programs, lectures. Contact: Parish Office 896-0241

FAN (Friends and Neighbors) Club – A social, spiritual, and services group gathering for senior men and women 60 years and over. We will join together, enjoying each other’s company through meetings and activities, encouraging all to participate in parish life. The group will meet every third Sunday of each month at 2pm. Contact: Dottie Schutz 897-3013 or Joni Richter 896-0241

Festival Homecoming A summer festival celebration sponsored by the Booster Club, for the parish with social activities, food, games, and family fun. Individuals are needed for all aspects of this annual event including set-up, booth workers, cooking, serving food, clean-up, and everything in between. The festival is held in June. Contact: Trevor Howie 896-0206

Fish Fry – Sponsored by PTO and the Booster Club on the Fridays during the Lenten season. Volunteer opportunities include food prep, food service, food sales, carry-out, drive-through, children’s activities, etc. Contact: Julie McGregor 895-9483 or Kim Smith 290-7723

Gardening/Landscaping – Nature-loving people with green thumbs to be involved in the beautification of gardens and grounds. Includes pruning, trimming, cutting, planting, watering, weeding and raking areas on the parish grounds. Contact: Cindy Schultz 896-0241

God’s Housekeepers Individuals who are willing to help with some cleaning in the sanctuary and cry room of the church; vacuuming and spot cleaning pew cushions, dusting, and the cleaning of brass items within the church. This ministry is done on a rotating basis and each person would only need to work one day per month. This could be the perfect ministry for a school parent or a retired individual since the work could be completed during the day. Contact: Katie Downey 558-3491

“Handyman” Work Force – Parishioners available to assist in projects that could arise in our parish facilities or on the parish grounds, this is on an as needed basis. Contact: Cindy Schultz 896-0241

Healing Blankets – A sewing ministry that creates simple lap blankets to touch the lives of persons with chronic or serious illness. Contact: Joni Richter 896-0241 Ext 18

Health Committee – Promotes and provides health and wellness activities and opportunities within the parish community. Assistance is needed with these various events. Contact: Sharon Elsesser 896-2026 or Gretchen Houchin 744-7846

Money Counters – This ministry handles the counting of all contributions. Teams are made up of approximately 4 trustworthy parishioners that count the weekend collections on Sunday mornings. Teams are assigned on a rotating basis and each team would work one month each quarter. Contact: Steve Barton 894-0661

MOMS – Ministry of Mothers Sharing – Seeks a group coordinator for each of the following: Fall, outreach project; Spring, fun & social; Summer, fire department spray picnic. Contact: Beth Freeman 896-0241

Parish Office Helpers – Men or women who are available during parish office hours to help with parish mailings, stuffing bulletins, answering phone, shredding, etc. Time required: as needed. Contact: Markee Rippy 896-0241 Ext 11

Photographer – Parishioners available to assist in taking pictures at special events held throughout the year. We ask that you use your own camera. Time required: as needed. Contact: Donna Rand 895-6633

Post Office Runner – Men or women who are able to drive and take bulk mailings to the Post Office on Crittenden Drive during the daytime hours as needed. Must be able to lift and carry the 2? long mail bins. Contact: Markee Rippy 896-0241 Ext 11

Prayer Line – This is a telephone ministry. Parishioners call in prayer requests and a recording is made daily to update the prayer petitions. Individuals are asked to call in daily to retrieve all the prayer requests and then hold those individuals in prayer for the day. The Prayer Line can be reached 24 hours a day by calling the Parish Office, 896-0241 Ext 23. Contact: Joni Richter 896-0241 Ext 18

Red Cross Blood Drive Donor – A blood drive is held once a year, usually in April. To donate blood you must be at least 17 years old or older. Time required: approximately 45 minutes. Contact: Joni Richter 896-0241

Scouting – Men and women to serve as leaders, assistant leaders and merit badge counselors in the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venture and Kentuckiana Girl Scouts. Contacts: Cub Scouts, Andrew Puffer; Boy Scouts, Tim Campbell; Girl Scouts, Ann Russo

Sewing – Individuals are needed to sew Baptismal bibs, RCIA garments and other misc. special projects. All levels of skill needed from embroidery to simple cutting and sewing. Contact: Markee Rippy 896-0241 Ext 11

Social Hospitality – Men and women to lend warmth and enthusiasm in planning and coordinating parish functions and receptions. Duties include planning, minor set up, decorating, serving and cleanup. Time required: varies depending on event.Contact: Joni Richter 896-0241

St. Baldrick’s – The Lourdes St. Baldrick’s event is held once a year, usually in March and is supported by the Booster Club. All proceeds raised benefit the St. Baldrick’s organization which funds research to cure children’s cancers. Volunteers are needed for the committee that puts on the event where participants shave their heads for pledges, or (girls) who cut off their hair for donation. Contact: Tricia Fike 409-1437

Telephoning – People who are willing to do telephoning as needed by various committees. Contact: Markee Rippy 896-0241 Ext 10

Visitation to the Sick or Elderly – Compassionate persons to visit parish members who are nursing-home residents on a regular basis. Time required: Visitation approximately every two weeks. Flexible time frame. Contact: George Brinkhaus 896-4014

Weekend Security of Facilities – Persons to unlock and lock the parish buildings on weekends and holidays. Time commitment is usually one weekend every eight weeks. Contact: Marie Pierce 896-0241 Ext 20.