These committees address the educational and formational needs of the total Parish. Special emphasis is placed on deepening spirituality and lifelong faith formation (family, adults and family).

Adult Faith Formation Team Anyone interested in ongoing formation and education for adults. The committee usually meets four times each year and helps to plan and develop adult faith formation offerings. The Parish Mission is also part of this committee’s responsibility. Time required: four meetings each year and occasionally hosting of different offerings.  Contact: Parish Office    896-0241

 Athletic Ministry – This ministry is led by the Athletic Director, along with a group of officers who are elected annually.  Membership is open to all men and women of the parish who wish to promote and support the various parish sports programs. The time required varies.  Contact: Wes Gies  819-6728

Baptism for InfantContact: Beth Freeman   896-0241

     Preparation Leaders – Individuals or couples to prepare families for the sacrament of Baptism.  Training provided.  Time required: one or two preparations per year, which includes two, two-hour sessions, rehearsal, and baptism.

     Sewing of Baptismal Bibs – Individuals are needed to sew infant and children’s Baptismal bibs.  Materials and instructions are distributed at an annual meeting.  Individuals to hand or machine embroidery also needed; sign up under “Parish Life-Sewing”.

Booster Club – The Booster Club mission is to support the athletics of Our Lady of Lourdes. This group works throughout the year to raise funds to offset costs associated with athletics such as uniforms, facility maintenance, etc. Fundraisers include Festival Homecoming, concessions, hosting CSAA leagues, fish fry, Golf Scramble, Ironman Aid Station, and others. These funds support our youth athletics with  vision to build character through sport.  The Booster Club also offers adult athletics opportunities such as softball, kickball, volleyball, and men’s basketball to parishioners. Meetings are held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. Open to all parish members. See the Our Lady of Lourdes Booster Club Facebook page for more information. Contact: Chris Brown  502-292-9768

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Children’s Offerings at the Sunday, 11:30 AM Mass

     Children’s Liturgy of the Word – Contact: Erica Morrison 896-9746

          Coordinator This person schedules presiders and provides materials.

          Weekly Presider – This person will preside and preach at the Children’s Liturgy of the Word suitably adapted to make it relevant to the lives and experiences of young children (K-4). It offers the children the opportunity to understand the gospel message and participate in the celebration at their own level. Materials and training are provided. Commitment required: depends on how many step forward to assist.

          Weekly Presider Assistant There must be two adults in the room at all times. This additional person will help in whatever way needed by the presider.

     Children’s Pre-School Sunday School Offered for children from ages three to five and is located in the Preschool classroom from September to May.  Preschoolers enjoy music, story and crafts related to biblical themes.  The lesson last the entire mass, children are picked up when mass is over.  Volunteers are always welcome.  Commitment:  “Teams” of at least two adults are formed; each team teaches about one time a month. Contact:  Beth Freeman  384-7313

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 Religious Education (RE) – Contact: Beth Freeman

Offered for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade who attend schools other than our parish school.

     Catechists Men and women (generally 16 years or older) who are energetic and interested in passing our Catholic faith on to the next generation. Program runs from August to April. Duties include weekly class preparation and 1 hour, 15 minutes teaching. Curriculum is provided and in-service is given to teachers. Small stipend is given.

     Assistant Catechists are needed to help with educationally inclusive programs.

     Sacrament Preparation Teachers  Extra one-on-one assistance sometimes needed with individual children on Wednesday nights ERE or Sunday mornings.  Flexibility and patience required!

Faith Club This Archdiocesan faith group is designed to foster the social and catechetical needs of adults with mild mental disabilities. Our Lady of Lourdes Club meets on the third Monday of each month from September through June. Contact: Fran Hartell   897-3308

Marriage Preparation (Sponsor Couples) Sponsor couples are needed to meet with a small number of engaged couples in their home for four sessions as part of this parish-based marriage preparation program. This is a wonderful opportunity for both spiritual and marital growth. Contact:  Randy & Karen Graehler   893-9237

Parent Teacher Organization Provides support and service to our Parish School and operates as a committee of the school principal. This is accomplished by sponsoring events and activities that build community in the school.  All school parents are automatic members of the PTO and all parish school families are encouraged to participate as part of their stewardship commitment of Time and Talent. Contact: Julie McGregor  895-9483 and Kim Smith  290-7723

RCIA  (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) – Contact: Parish Office 896-0241

     Sponsor – A supportive person who is willing to share his/her faith and time with inquirers interested in joining the Church . Time required: several hours each week and presence at the Rite of Acceptance, Rite of Election, some Sundays, and the Easter Vigil.

     Team Member –  Facilitate small group discussions that help the participants to deepen their knowledge and awareness of God in their lives and by presenting material on different topics.  Team meetings approximately every six weeks. Time required: RCIA meets weekly but team members rotate responsibilities with two months on and four months off between rotations.

RCIC (Rite of Christian Initiation of Children) – This opportunity is offered so children of school age can participate in the process of full initiation into the Catholic community. Usually occurs on Sunday mornings. Includes time with the children by themselves and also involves parents. Ideally it begins in September and continues through May. Usually meets twice a month. Those assisting should be flexible. Catechists and aides needed. Contact: Parish Office  896-0241, or Ann Bruce   895-1853  

Respect Life – Members review the Church’s position on all life issues and then implement activities and programs to remind parishioners of their responsibility to respect all life regardless of age, life circumstances, health, or not yet born.  Current activities include the annual Mother’s Day Rose Sale, annual Roe vs. Wade newspaper ad.  Contact: Joni Richter   896-0241

School – Our Lady of Lourdes School is a natural, integral part of Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. The vision of the school is to promote lifelong learning by expanding the role of the classroom through the use of technology and instructional techniques and strategies.  the activities and tasks are directly linked to the desired learning outcomes of the Archdiocese of Louisville. The parish school is supported through the stewardship of treasure from the entire parish.  Contact: Jennifer Barz, Principal   895-5122   

     School Advisory Committee (SAC) Members are selected from a pool of interested individuals and school families to serve in an advisory capacity to the principal concerning the school operation and policies.  Contact: Jennifer Barz, Principal   895-5122

     School Volunteer Ministry – Individuals may sign up to assist in the school library, art class, computer, class, cafeteria, and other areas.  Contact: Jennifer Barz, Principal   895-5122

Small Group Facilitators – Each fall and during Lent the option is available to participate in a small group.  Facilitators are needed to provide leadership for each group. Materials are often, but not only, chosen by the group. Training is provided as needed. Contact: Parish Office   896-0241

Vacation Bible School – Men and women (generally 13 years and older) willing to give one week to share faith through crafts, music, games, scripture, and prayer for children ages 4 years old to completed 4th grade.  Usually held 3rd week of June, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Preparation begins in March. Curriculum provided. Coordinators and assistants also needed in various capacities. Contact: Beth Freeman   896-0241

Youth MinistryContact: Bill Ash   896-0241 Ext 12

      Adult Mentors & Volunteers – Adults over age 21 are needed to journey with as well as pray with and for the junior high and high school age youth of our parish. Help organize and chaperone youth activities and gatherings throughout the year.

     Confirmation Curriculum & Retreat Team – High school age youth and adults are welcome to facilitate structuring and implementing Confirmation retreat, which is usually held in March.

     Confirmation Small Group Leaders – Teams of two adults lead groups of six to eight youth who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. Materials and preparation are provided by the Coordinator of Youth Ministry.

      Junior High Youth Ministry – Comprehensive social, spiritual, and outreach programming according to the Renewing the Vision USCCB document for 7th & 8th grade youth offered throughout the year.

     Mission Trip – All youth (in-coming 8th graders and up) are encouraged to participate in the summer mission trip. Youth Ministry will coordinate with Catholic Heart Workcamp to spend a week working on the most needed projects around the community that we choose to help. Parents and adults are always welcome to join us as participating chaperones on this wonderful experience. Adults who attend must have completed the Safe Environment Training offered by the Archdiocese, have a current background check and must be willing to model faith for our youth.

     Senior High Youth Ministry – Comprehensive social, spiritual and outreach programming according to the Renewing the Vision USCCB document for all high school age youth offered year round.

      Spring & Fall Retreat for Senior High Youth – Retreats are a special way to get away from our daily routine and have an opportunity to celebrate faith in new and exciting ways and learn new ways to pray. Annual retreats are held in the fall and spring. Young adults 18 and over as well as adults are needed to implement this program. Adults and young adults who attend will need to complete Archdiocesan Safe Environment Training and have a background check.