Our Mission


To know, love, and serve GOD

Love and serve our NEIGHBORS

And grow intentional DISCIPLES

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A Parish of Stewards

A good steward recognizes that the many blessings received throughout life are all gifts from God.  With these blessings in mind, good stewardship focuses on why we are called to share our gifts.

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Praising God

We recognize God’s presence in our lives as we celebrate the sacraments and make the Eucharist the center of our faith community.

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Serving Others

We provide opportunities for people of all ages to serve others and grow in wisdom and holiness through shared ministry, lay leadership, and a lifestyle of active stewardship.

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We respect the dignity of every person, celebrate diversity, and reach out in compassion to those in need as we work to bring forth the Kingdom of God!

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Mass schedule, location, how to join the parish, and more. We're glad you are here!


Jesus Christ is Risen Today~Alleluia!

Faith Formation

Opportunities for adults, youth, and young children. Find VBS info here.

The Good News

Sunday Gospel reflections and homilies are here.

Upcoming Events

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